December 2010 Luncheon Meeting

  • 12/10/2010
  • 11:30 AM
  • Union League Club, 65 W. Jackson Blvd, Chicago


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Speakers: Celia Hilliard
Title:  "A Most Outstanding Caxton Club Member: Charles L. Hutchinson"

Speaking about her hot-off-he-press book: Prime Mover: Charles L Hutchinson and the Making of the Art Institute of Chicago, author and cultural historian, Caxtonian Celia Hilliard, will detail for us in an illustrated talk just who Hutchinson was and how he qualified for the above accolade. She will also tell about his truly remarkable role in the Caxton Club.

Come and learn how a bookish grain merchant/banker envisioned, maneuvered, cajoled and oversaw the creation of the Art Institute, then making it into a world-class institution during his 42 years as President.

See the Art Institute building as it developed, in never-before-published archival images. Hear about Hutchinson's friendship with Martin Ryerson and John J. Glessner, his dealings with Bertha Palmer and his artistic foresight involving the fantastic Demidoff Collection acquisition and hosting the controversial Armory Show in Chicago in 1914.

A worthy afternoon as Celia brings Charles L Hutchinson and the world of the Gilded Age vividly to life.

Luncheon buffet (in the main dining room on
six) opens at 11:30 am.  Program (in a different room, to be announced)


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