The Caxton Club brings together archivists, authors, binders, book artists, booksellers, collectors, conservators, designers, editors, librarians, printers, publishers, scholars, and others. Members from these diverse backgrounds form a community that shares a love of printed, handwritten, and digital books and related textual objects, such as pamphlets, broadsides, maps, and ephemera. The club provides a forum to learn about the arts, history, and technologies of these materials, as well as a space to share the joys of appreciating and collecting them.

GRANTS: 2019–20 grant recipients: Meha Rey, Yann Trividic, Sara Jensen, Kathie DeLamater, and Annabel Pinkney.
PUBLICATIONS: The club has published 153 formal publications and other printed pieces in its 125+ years.
CHICAGO 101 AUTHORS: Each of the 101 titles is the focus of an essay by a leading scholar, writer, or bibliophile.
MELLON FELLOWS: Each year the club provides copies of Other People’s Books to Mellon Fellows at Rare Book School.

Caxton Members: Submit your item to our online exhibit, Caxtonians’ Collections.
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Upcoming Caxton events

    • 05/18/2022
    • 5:30 PM
    • 5/18/2022 5:30PM CT In-person program at ULCC, 65 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, IL 60604. Advance registration required via website by 5:00PM 5/13/2022

    May Evening Program

    Join fellow Caxtonians as we have a chance to mix and mingle at a gala reception. Hear Club President, Jackie Vossler, give a brief look back at our past Caxton fiscal year and provide a glimpse of what’s ahead. This annual meeting also features a recap of our financials from Treasurer, Jeff Jahns, and the election of our 2025 Council slate.

    Proposed Council Class of 2025:

    Nora Gabor

    Michael Gorman

    Craig Jobson

    Greg Nosan

    Martin Starr

    This is the opportunity to thank our outgoing 2022 Class – Hannah Batsel, Helen Harrison, Barbara Herzog, Doug Litts, and Lou Pitschmann – as well as meet and welcome our many new members. The meeting will be brief, but the connections and smiles will be long-lasting and wide.

    • 05/25/2022
    • 11:20 AM
    • 5/25/2022 | 11:20 AM CT Live program at ULCC, 65 W. Jackson Blvd, Chicago. Advance registration required via website.

    The Author ... Richard Cohen

    Richard Cohen is the author of By the Sword, Chasing the Sun, and How to Write Like Tolstoy. The former publishing director of two leading London publishing houses, he has edited books that have won the Pulitzer, Booker, and Whitbread/Costa prizes, while twenty-one have been #1 bestsellers. He has written for most UK quality newspapers as well as for The New York Times Book Review and The Wall Street Journal, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

    The Book ... Making History

    A fascinating, epic exploration of who gets to record the world’s history—from Julius Caesar to William Shakespeare to Ken Burns—and how their biases influence our understanding about the past.

    There are many stories we can spin about previous ages, but which accounts get told? And by whom? Is there even such a thing as “objective” history? In this lively and thought-provoking book, Richard Cohen reveals how professional historians and other equally significant witnesses, such as the writers of the Bible, novelists, and political propagandists, influence what becomes the accepted record. Cohen argues, for example, that some historians are practitioners of “Bad History” and twist reality to glorify themselves or their country.

    Making History investigates the published works and private utterances of our greatest chroniclers to discover the agendas that informed their—and our—views of the world. From the origins of history writing, when such an activity itself seemed revolutionary, through to television and the digital age, Cohen brings captivating figures to vivid light, from Thucydides and Tacitus to Voltaire and Gibbon, Winston Churchill, and Henry Louis Gates. Rich in complex truths and surprising anecdotes, the result is a revealing exploration of both the aims and art of history-making, one that will lead us to rethink how we learn about our past and about ourselves.

    The Event ... Luncheon

    The event begins with an 11:30 a.m. reception and book signing followed by lunch and the program at noon. Books will be available for purchase and signing day of the program using credit cards. The luncheon price is $42 per person. Advance registration and pre-payment is mandatory via website by 5:00 PM CT 5/20/2022.

    • 06/15/2022
    • 5:30 PM
    • 6/15/2022 5:30 PM CT In-person program at ULCC, 65 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago IL 60604. Advance registration required via website by 5:30 PM CST 6/10/2022

    June Evening Program

    Library of American Landscape History (LALH), based in Amherst, Massachusetts, is considered the leading publisher of books about the history of American landscape design, from parks to gardens, campuses, and city plans. Since its founding in 1992, the organization has published more than 40 titles on topics ranging from early twentieth-century practitioners, such as John Nolen and Ellen Shipman, to mid-century modernists, such as Ruth Shellhorn and Lawrence Halprin. Karson and Lippincott will discuss the mission and history of LALH, the preservation impact of LALH books on American landscapes nationwide, and the future of this unique non-profit publisher.

    Robin Karson, founder and editorial director of LALH, is the author of many articles and several books, including Fletcher Steele, Landscape Architect (1989); The Muses of Gwinn (1995); A Genius for Place: American Landscapes of the Country Place Era (2007); and, as coeditor, Pioneers of American Landscape Design (2000) and Warren H. Manning, Landscape Architect and Environmental Planner (2017). In 2022 she received the Sarah Chapman Francis Medal for Literary Achievement from the Garden Club of America.

    Jonathan D. Lippincott is the publisher of LALH and the author of Robert Murray: Sculpture (2019) and Large Scale: Fabricating Sculpture in the 1960s and 1970s (2010). Since 2002, he has designed LALH books, and he is also the designer of VIEW, the LALH annual magazine.

    Fee: $70 with a cash-only bar including beer, wine, or soda only. Credit cards and debit cards will not be accepted.

    Program only and Zoom only options are free with mandatory registration.

    Books: Registering for this program will allow you the opportunity to pre-purchase copies of Beauty of the Wild for $32.00 and/or Olmstead and Yosemite: Civil War, Abolition, and the National Park Idea for $25.50.

    For those not attending the live program, books may be purchased and shipped: Beauty of the Wild for $35.00 and/or Olmstead and Yosemite: Civil War, Abolition, and the National Park Idea for $28.50.

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