The Caxton Club brings together archivists, authors, binders, book artists, booksellers, collectors, conservators, designers, editors, librarians, printers, publishers, scholars, and others. Members from these diverse backgrounds form a community that shares a love of printed, handwritten, and digital books and related textual objects, such as pamphlets, broadsides, maps, and ephemera. The club provides a forum to learn about the arts, history, and technologies of these materials, as well as a space to share the joys of appreciating and collecting them.

Sarah M. Pritchard, President....... Lou Pitschmann, Vice-President...... Leslie J. Winter, Secretary....... Jeffrey Jahns, Treasurer.......
GRANTS: 2019–20 grant recipients: Meha Rey, Yann Trividic, Sara Jensen, Kathie DeLamater, and Annabel Pinkney.
CHICAGO 101 AUTHORS: Each of the 101 titles is the focus of an essay by a leading scholar, writer, or bibliophile.
MELLON FELLOWS: Each year the club provides copies of Other People’s Books to Mellon Fellows at Rare Book School.

Caxton Members: Submit your item to our online exhibit, Caxtonians’ Collections.
Exhibit is open to all.


Caxton Club programs run from September through June with a second Friday daytime program at Noon CT and a third Wednesday evening program at 6:30 PM CT. Please see detailed descriptions for available programs.

Virtual programs will consist of quality Zoom presentations with real-time Q&A features immediately following. All programs — virtual or in-person — require advance registration on the club’s website. This allows Zoom instructions to be sent before programs, and for planning for in-person programs where space is limited. As usual, we will record all programs and make them available for viewing in the Past Programs section of our website’s Members Only section.

Only registrants who miss a program or wish to view it again will be given the opportunity to request a link to a recording of the program.

    • 05/22/2024
    • 6:30 PM
    • 5/22/2024 Zoom Presentation begins promptly at 6:30 PM CT/7:30 PM ET. Preregistration required via website. Zoom presentation is free and open to members only.

    May Evening Program

    This event will feature a look at current Club programs and priorities by President Sarah M. Pritchard, a financial recap by Treasurer Jeff Jahns, and the election of our 2027 Council Class.

    Slate for Council Class of 2027 (click here for biographies):

    Michèle Valerie Cloonan

    Erika Dowell

    Bill McKay

    John Montes

    Lisa Pevtzow

    Register to hear the presentation and cast your vote. Your vote is important to ensure a quorum and to engage all members in shaping the directions of the Club. Please welcome our new Council Class and say thank you to our outgoing Council Class.

    Members who attend the virtual meeting and cast a vote for the Council Class of 2027 will be mailed a custom keepsake!

    • 06/14/2024
    • 12:00 PM
    • 6/14/2024 12:00 PM CT/1:00 PM ET. Zoom presentation is free and open to all. Preregistration required via website. ULCC live attendance – Zoom presentation and optional lunch ($35) following. Reservations required by 12PM CT 6/12/24. Seating limit is 24.

    June Midday Program

    “Oh no! Where’s my phone?”

    For some people, gasping that out in concert with a frantic beating of pockets, rifling through bags, and swiveling of the head provides the sort of terrifying adrenaline rush a diver might experience upon seeing a shark barreling toward them. (And some would rather face the shark.)

    What in the world did people carry and use to record important thoughts, dates, and other deeply personal information before we were blessed by the invention of smart phones?

    Pocket diaries. Manuscript books in their purest form.

    Join us in June as Julie Park introduces us to the world of eighteenth-century pocket diaries. Dr. Park will be joining us from the Pennsylvania State University where she serves as Paterno Family Librarian for Literature and Professor of English. Much published, she is the editor of the Penn State Series in the History of the Book at Penn State University Press and is the author of My Dark Room: Spaces of the Inner Self in Eighteenth-Century England (University of Chicago Press).

    Think of all the contributions diaries have made to the presentation of history, from Pepys to Frank, from Woolf to Scott. Then update your diary to reflect your planned attendance at this — the final midday meeting of the Caxton Club’s 2023–2024 season!

    Register today!

    Live attendance and optional lunch

    View Zoom program on eighth floor, Steel Room, Union League Club. Presentation begins at 12:00 PM CT. Optional lunch immediately following in the fourth floor Rendezvous. $35 includes non-alcoholic beverage, a cup of soup, and your choice of sandwich, salad, or hot entree, tax, and tip.

    Zoom presentation is free and open to all.

    Zoom begins at 12:00PM CT/1:00 PM ET. Preregistration required via website.

    Please forward this notice to anyone who may find it of interest.

    Transportation to the Union League Club at 65 West Jackson Blvd., Chicago.

    The Union League Club is easily accessible through many public transportation methods. Additionally, the following options are available for those who wish to travel by cab or car.

    The Union League Club front desk offers a connection to cab service through Curb. The desk will call cabs for members and all guests while allowing riders to remain inside until the cab arrives. No curbside wait. Cabs will accept all payment forms, following the payment procedures you experience with a street-hailed cab.

    If you are traveling by car, the Union League Club offers valet parking for Caxton events at $35.00. You must register and prepay in advance through the Caxton Club. Valet parking options will now be included as an option with all event registrations.

    Spot Hero is an independent parking option, generally offering spots at the 318 S. Federal Street garage adjacent to the Union League Club. You may reserve and pay for a guaranteed parking spot through the Spot Hero app or website (

    • 06/18/2024
    • 6:30 PM
    • 6/18/2024 6:30 PM CT/7:30 PM ET. Zoom presentation is free and open to all.

    June Evening Program

    Save the date. Program description to follow.

    Zoom presentation is free and open to all.

    Zoom begins at 6:30PM CT/7:30 PM ET. Preregistration required via website.

    Please forward this notice to anyone who may find it of interest.




  • 06/15/2024 10:00 AM
    6/15/2024 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Chicago’s Journeyman’s Plumbers Union Hall, Grand Ballroom, 1340 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago, 60607. Entry fee $6 without complimentary entry ticket.


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