The Caxton Club brings together archivists, authors, binders, book artists, booksellers, collectors, conservators, designers, editors, librarians, printers, publishers, scholars, and others. Members from these diverse backgrounds form a community that shares a love of printed, handwritten, and digital books and related textual objects, such as pamphlets, broadsides, maps, and ephemera. The club provides a forum to learn about the arts, history, and technologies of these materials, as well as a space to share the joys of appreciating and collecting them.

CAXTONIAN: Members receive the club’s journal, the Caxtonian, six times a year. a publicly available online archive of the first 20 years of the Caxtonian.
GRANTS: 2019–20 grant recipients: Meha Rey, Yann Trividic, Sara Jensen, Kathie DeLamater, and Annabel Pinkney.
PUBLICATIONS: The club has published 153 formal publications and other printed pieces in its 125+ years.
CHICAGO 101 AUTHORS: Each of the 101 titles is the focus of an essay by a leading scholar, writer, or bibliophile.
MELLON FELLOWS: Each year the club provides copies of Other People’s Books to Mellon Fellows at Rare Book School.

Caxton Members: Submit your item to our online exhibit, Caxtonians’ Collections.
Exhibit is open to all.

Upcoming Caxton events

    • 12/10/2021
    • 12:00 PM
    • 12/10/2021 NOON CT / 1:00 PM ET via Zoom. Note new time. Zoom presentation is free and open to all. Advance registration required via website.

    December Daytime Program

    Which country lays claim to being home to the world’s first novel? 

    Most ascribe that honor to Japan, whose fascinating role in the history of the book will be brought to us by Dr. Alessandro Bianchi in a lavishly illustrated midday presentation. He’ll take us on a remarkable journey from hand-copied, to woodblock, to moveable type books. 

    To craft his talk he’ll be drawing on the resources of the Bodleian Japanese Library and the university’s Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies. Though it will be early evening for him as he speaks to us from Oxford, Bianchi is well versed in addressing American audiences. He worked at the Smithsonian’s Freer and Sackler Library and taught at Haverford College (which does field a cricket team.) 

    Here’s a rare opportunity for you to Zoom beyond our shores, to England for our speaker and to Japan for its stunning history of the book. Book your reservation today! 

    • 12/19/2021
    • 2:00 PM
    • Sunday, 12/19/2021 2:00 PM CT/3:00 ET Via Zoom. Advance registration required via website.

    December Daytime Program

    Sponsored by the Chicago Jewish Historical Society and the Caxton Club

    The Chicago Jewish Historical Society, in partnership with the Caxton Club, is excited to present a much-anticipated Zoom program.

    Andrew Feiler, author of A Better Life for Their Children: Julius Rosenwald, Booker T. Washington, and the 4,978 Schools that Changed America (University of Georgia Press, 2021), will talk about the joint partnership between Rosenwald and Washington that led to the establishment of the Rosenwald Schools, high-quality schools geared toward improving the education of Black children in the South in the early part of the twentieth century. Rosenwald, a Chicago philanthropist, pillar of the city’s Jewish and commercial communities, and a president and part-owner of Sears, Roebuck, and Company, served on the board of the Tuskegee Institute, the prestigious Black university of which Washington was president.

    A Better Life for Their Children is featured in the November 2021 Jewish Book Month section of Jewish Chicago: The JUF Magazine, and Feiler’s December 19 CJHS-Caxton presentation is his first Chicago-based talk about the book. Learn about Andrew Feiler on his website.

    Click here to register for this outstanding program.

    Zoom presentation is free and open to all. Registration is required.

Daytime Programs

Evening Programs

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