June 2003 Web Edition


Botanical treasures in Glencoe: The Library of the Chicago Botanic Garden

Edward J. Valauskas

The Library of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society was one of the finest botanical and horticultural libraries in the world, rivaling collections at both the Royal Horticultural Society and on the continent. Read this article.



Robert Cotner

I first saw a picture of the Old Man of the Mountain in 1952, when I was studying American literature under one of the great high school English teachers, Royal W. Tritch. Read this article.


'Shakespeare at the Cineplex:' A Review

Ed Quattrocchi

The April issue of the Caxtonian featured several articles about the multifaceted and enduring appeal of William Shakespeare. Read this article.


Northwestern University Press publishes Nobel Lauteate

Junie L. Sinson

When it was announced in the fall of 2002 that year's Nobel Prize in Literature would be presented to Imre Kertesz, several responses occurred throughout the English speaking world. The first was, "Who is he?" Read this article.


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