April 2003 Web Edition


A 'Chicago kid' fulfills a dream in London

R. C. Longworth

Sam Wanamaker, a Chicago kid, saw his first Shakespearean play at the 1932-33 Chicago World's fair. It was staged in a crude, lakeside replica of the Globe, Shakespeare's own theater on the south bank of the Thames in London. Read this article.



Robert Cotner

The music is among the most eloquent given us by Ludwig van Beethoven. It is his "Ode to Joy," in the fourth movement of his Ninth (and final) Symphony. Read this article.


A Caxtonian recalls Sam Wanamaker

Leonard Freedman

Those of us who have literary interests are probably aware of Sam Wanamaker as the force behind the rebuilding of Shakespeare's Globe on the South Bank of London's Thames River. Read this article.


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