October 2002 Web Edition


John Marshall — American Patriot, from battlefield to Supreme Court and beyond

Robert Cotner

Robert Frost once observed, "The Founding Fathers didn't believe in the future…they believed [the future] in. Frost was absolutely correct. Read this article.



Robert Cotner

I have a new hero. At my age and in these times, I think that announcement worthy of some serious notice. Read this article.


A Review: A reporter considers 'poor Jack Wing'

R. C. Longworth

In 1865, John M. (Jack) Wing, a young man on the make, fetched up in Chicago from his native New York, looking for newspaper work and (in no particular order) fun, fame, and fortune. Read this article.


A Review: Caxtonian Paul Ruxin — speaker and writer, par execellence

Dan Crawford

One of the inexplicable mysteries of human life is passion: whatever its object, passion can scarcely be described, much less explained. Read this article.


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