November 2002 Web Edition


The making of a Nobel Laureate in Literature
Discovery and selection of Gao Xingjian in the year 2000

Junie L. Sinson

It is unlikely that there exists any single literary event which more greatly touches the international world of letters than the annual awarding of the Nobel Prize in Literature. Part I of IV Read this article.



Robert Cotner

It is about 12:30 a.m., I should judge — I can’t see the dial of my watch — on a pleasant summer night in 2002. I am standing with a small cluster of people on the dark shore of Jekyll Island, GA, about midway down the east side of the island. Read this article.


The Austrian Intellectual Renaissance and Hermann Broch

Pierre Ferra

The Austrian Empire was the world’s center of classical music in the late 18th and much of the 19th Centuries, with Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, and Gustav Mahler, as well as non-natives like Beethoven and Brahms, who spent much of their creative lives in Vienna. Read this article.


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