March 2002 Web Edition


Arsene Lupin—A lovable French rogue

Pierre Ferrand

There are some 60 "Arsene Lupin" titles in French, written by Maurice Leblanc over more than a quarter century. Read this article.



Robert Cotner

Perhaps I love children so much because I had such a delightfully pleasant childhood. Read this article.


Getting to Sherlock Holmes' 148th birthday celebration

Ely Liebow

Acting upon the noblest of motives, I phoned Bob Cotner a few weeks ago suggesting that we get together for lunch. Before you could say "Steak and Kidney Pie and a pint of your best Bitters," he asked me if I'd do a little article on the annual (aren't they all?) Sherlock Holmes Birthday Bash in New York this year. Read this article.


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