July 2002 Web Edition


Bookwomen building Chicago: an international sisterhood

Adele Hast

Like Fanny Butcher, Josefa Veronika Humpal-Zeman (1870-1906) was a journalist, but her life was quite different. Part III of IV. Read this article.



Robert Cotner

So, you've written a lot about the life of the mind lately. I have a question. Read this article.


New folio edition of the Bible published

Arion Press, under the direction of Andrew Hoyem, has completed the printing of a large folio limited edition of the Bible in the Revised Standard Version sponsored by the National Council of Churches. Read this article.


Hymns poetic expression linking faiths, expressing hope

Robert Cotner

The tradition of hymn-singing in worship is older then Christianity, and very early the church adopted the practice as integral to worship. Read this article.


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