Robert Cotner, Editor

‘I had a lover’s quarrel with the world.’ — Robert Frost


“You’re being summoned.”
“I hear, but I don’t want to go; not yet anyhow.”
“Don’t reply; maybe they’ll stop calling.”
“They never stop calling, never!”
“You don’t want them to, really.”
“I just won’t reply yet.”
“And if you don’t?”
“They’ll think I’ve gone away.”
“Or come to carry you away.”
“In a straight jacket at that — both of us!”
“But we are already united.”
“A minor deity, maybe?”
“Absolutely! A divinity of pure harmony.”
“Very Socratic.”
“Very unmodern, to say the least.”


“Where will you tell them you’ve been?”
“Out of touch, where else?”
“In our very own land of Nowhere.”
“Exactly! That vast and unexplored territory.”
“The territory of the Void.”
“Everywhere and nowhere.”
“That should bring the straight jacket immediately.”
“Let’s ignore them for now; they mean no harm.”
“With them, there’s no harmony in solitude.”
“They call because they’re lonely.”
“Maybe we should answer.”
“And pretend that Koinonia lies out there?”
“Koinonia of the soul.”
“Infinite plurality.”
“The law of the universe.”


“Do you find it strange we never argue?”
“About what?”
“About everything, anything, nothing.”
“As they do?”
“Incessantly, without meaning.”
“Contradicting themselves in perpetual debate.”
“In synch through disagreement.”
“Becoming one-vs-one.”
“Can you imagine an artist seeing herself as One?”
“Very modern.”
“Or a poet who thinks he sings for All?”
“Very Whitmanesque.”
“Very Rimbaudian.”
“Yes, the Modern Age began in a drunken boat.”
“And ended on cocaine.”
“A modernist: One singing solo out of harmony.”
“What comes next?”
“We do. Again.”
“Because we never jog with earphones and radio?”
“Or escape through fantasy TV.”
“All of the above.”
“And because wonder is the whole of life.”
“And perhaps of death, as well.”
“You mean the Ultimate Dialog?”
“And miles to go before I sleep.”
“And miles to go before we weep.”

“ANTHONY! This is the last call!”

“Better go, I guess; it is getting late.
“I hear you; later . . .”

“Yes, my dear, what is it”
“Where have you been? I’ve been calling.”
“Just reading — thinking.”
“I thought maybe you’d died.”
“Perhaps I had, for a moment.”
“A disappearing act of sorts?”
“A Jonah act — in the belly of consciousness.”
“You moved from here to time?”
“Maybe to no-time, from the no-more, the not-yet.”
“And back again — welcome home!”

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