Two poem in homage to Hannah Arendt

by Robert Cotner

I Leave You, My Love

I leave you, my love,
that I may be with you.
I walk from your elegance
as from a sunrise,
toward remembrance of you,
woven in tapestry hanging
at entrance to my home.
All comings and goings
in my private world
are thoughts clothed
in black woolen dress,
flowing to ankles, adorned
by pearl of hair and pendant.
Reason’s need is love’s response:
Evanescent as a kiss though
eternal in the mind’s domain.

Sable Friend

A blackbird settled on a highway guardrail,
broad wings tracing arcs in morning light.

“Good morning,” I said to sable friend.

His only answer, quick pierce of yellow,
and I was gone to early morning duties,
more urgent than his – less noble, perhaps:
He, being whose vision cries to be seen.
I, appearance whose glance veils all
but shadows shaping arcs of daily intent.

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