April 2002 Web Edition


Bookwomen building Chicago a Caxton connection

Adele Hast

Women Building Chicago has a close tie with the Caxton Club. If you look up Caxton in the index, you'll find "Caxton Club" and "Frances Hamill," who became one of the early women members when the Caxton started admitting women in the 1970s. Part I of IV. Read this article.



Robert Cotner

I first read Howard Gardner's Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences in 1984. He spoke a language I fully understood... Read this article.


Finally, the story for which the world has been waiting

Ely Liebow

To bring our intrepid readers up to snuff, as it were, we left off the sage of the Baker Street Irregulars as they were just aborning... Part II of II. Read this article.


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