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The illustrations on this page are from various sources as indicated beneath each image. They give a synopsis of the McClellan/Parrington family in America, particularly their time in the Chicago area. Unless otherwise noted, all items from the collection of Robert Cotner. RC

1882 aerial drawing of the Parrington home

An 1882 aerial drawing of the Parrington home, Aurora, IL, built in 1867.

The birthplace of VLP

The birthplace of VLP as it stands today, on the northeast corner of Highland and Garfield avenues, Aurora, IL.

Honorary street sign in Aurora

Stevens Tucker unveiling an honorary street sign in Aurora, IL, August 3, 1995 a reminder of the great scholar in his hometown.

Grave marker of VLP’s maternal grandmother

Grave marker of VLP’s maternal grandmother Eunice Sherman McClellan, in Bristol (now Yorkville), IL.

VLP’s daughter

VLP’s daughter, the late Louise Tucker, in 1993, Pacific Grove, CA.

Bas-relief of VLP

Bas-relief of VLP at the age of 32, cast in Paris by Mme. Tollenaar in 1904, when he was on an extended study tour of Europe. This replica is in the Aurora Public Library, a gift from Dr. Stevens Parrington Tucker, grandson of VLP.


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