November 2001 Web Edition


V.L. Parrington He 'changed the way Americans looked at themselves'

Robert Cotner

While Robert Frost felt he needed "an armory of defense against the world," Vernon Louis Parrington, scholar, historian, and Pulitzer Prize winner, changed the way Americans looked at themselves. Read this article.



Robert Cotner

Vernon Louis Parrington, were he alive, would be delighted with what I recently discovered about his family. Read this article.


Years ago A story about a story

Dan Crawford

At that point in the novel The Caxton Club, it becomes apparent that the fictional Caxton Club and the older one in Chicago had features in common. Read this article.


Fragments of Gutenberg in Chicago

Thomas J. Joyce

Chicago if it existed at all consisted of some teepees near the spot where the Chicago River emptied into Lake Michigan circa 1455 when Johann Gutenberg first displayed sheets of his immortal Bible. Read this article.


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