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Joan of Arc—Her courage inspires the ages
Part II of II

Pierre Ferrand

There is more information about Joan of Arc than about any other medieval teenager. This is due to the fact that the records of the trial condemning her have been well preserved. Read this article.



Robert Cotner

As I was entering a WaldenBooks in Ft. Wayne, IN, several weeks ago, a fellow, approximately my age or a bit younger perhaps, entered as well. Upon reaching the first table of books, he turned, smiled at me, and then began browsing. Read this article.


Herman Zapf honored by The Caxton Club

Matthew J. Doherty

Herman Zapf is a gifted, self-taught calligrapher and type designer; he has designed more than 200 typefaces, with his first commercial typeface, Gilgengart, designed when he was 20 years old. Read this article.


Honorary Man of Letters

Hayward Blake

In preparing to review The Fine Art of Letters: The Work of Herman Zapf, the latest publication from the Grolier Club, I had to revisit my library of Zapf books—what a truly amazing man! Read this article.


View examples of Herman Zapf's calligraphy.


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