June 2001 Web Edition


Two French intellectuals remembered

Pierre Ferrand

Andre Gide died 50 years ago, aged nearly 82. A very different writer and person, Andre Malraux, a member of another generation, who was a close friend of his, was born in 1901 and died in 1976. They were both highly intelligent, gifted, controversial, and typical French Intellectuals. Read this article.



Robert Cotner

Charles Darwin was our greatest biologist. Had there been a Nobel Prize in his day, He certainly would have been a Laureate. Read this article.


Universal Knowledge in the year of The Caxton Club's birth

Dan Crawford

One of the charming beliefs of our ancestors, one that still crops up from time to time, was that all knowledge was measurable and manageable. Read this article.


A personal tribute to the late Richard S. Barnes

Frank J. Piehl, Caxton Club Historian

Book lovers mourn the death of Richard S. Barnes, internationally renowned scholar, antiquarian book dealer, and book conservator. Read this article.


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