December 2001 Web Edition


The cycle of books: A never-ending exploration

Nicholas A. Basbane

The idea that a finished book might be regarded by its author as a work-in-progress may sound paradoxical, but that is precisely the way I feel about A Gentle Madness and Patience & Fortitude, the first two installments in what I hope will be a trilogy on the fascinating concept of book people, book places, and book culture. Read this article.



Robert Cotner

The entrance to the Newberry Library, one of the most remarkable libraries of its kind in America, is a splendid metaphor for the function of the book in human life. Read this article.


When the Bauhaus met the Shakers

Susan Jackson Keig

Were it not for the large number of ledgers, books, documents, journals, letters, diaries, hymnals, and covenants written by the Shakers from the time of their arrival in America, August 6, 1774, their beliefs and lifestyle would not be so clearly known and studied world-wide today. Read this article.


Communing with Lamartine French Romantic who speaks for today

Pierre Ferrand

During my trip to France last summer, I spent six days in Macon, north of Lyons. This little town is close to the ruins of Cluny, which was the medieval headquarters of the book-loving Benedictines and the grandest of medieval abbeys. Read this article.


Keith Preston Chicago professor, poet and newspaperman

Kim Coventry

I first purchased one of Keith Preston's five books of verse in 1998, while looking for the better-known satirical works of Dorothy Parker and Christopher Morley. Read this article.


Caryl Seidenberg and the Vixen Press

Bob McCamant

Caxtonian Caryl Seidenberg says she always wanted to print. These days, all she has to do is go to the basement of her home, turn on the lights, and she can print to her heart's content. Read this article.


"Caxtonian" celebrates its 100th issue

December 2001 marks the 100th issue of the Caxtonian. Enjoy a look at some of the milestones leading to this event. Read this article.


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