A selected chronology of Pearl S. Buck's books


1930, East Wind: West Wind

1931, The Good Earth

1932, Sons

East and West and the Novel: Sources of the Early Chinese Novel

1933, The First Wife and Other Stories

All Men are Brothers, Shui Hu Chan (Trans. Pearl S. Buck)

1934, The Mother

A House Divided

The Exile: Portrait of an American Woman (biography of PSB's mother)

The Fighting Angel: Portrait of a Soul (biography of PSB's father)

1938, This Proud Heart

The Patriot

The Chinese Novel (Nobel Prize Speech)

Other Gods

Today and Forever, Stories of China

Of Men and Women

The Dragon Seed

What America Means to Me

The Chinese Children Next Door

America Unity and Asia

The Promise

1945, Portrait of a Marriage

The Townsmen (by John Sedges, pseudonym)

Talk About Russia: with Masha Scott

Tell the People: Talks with JamesYen about the Mass Education Movement

1946,Pavilion of Women

The Angry Wife (by John Sedges, pseudonym)

Far and Near

How it Happens: Talk About the German People



The Long Love (by John Sedges, pseudonym)

The American Argument, with Eslanda Goode Robeson

1950, The Child Who Never Grew

1951, Sylvia (On-Na, published as a book in Japanese only)

God's Men

1952, Bright Procession (by John Sedges, pseudonym)

The Hidden Flower

1953, Voices in the House

Come, My Beloved

The Man who Changed China: The story of Sun Yat-sen

1954, My Several Worlds; A Personal Record

1956,Imperial Women

Letter Fron Peking

A Certain Star

Friend to Friend: A Candid Exchange Between Pearl Buck and Calos P. Romulo

1959, Command the Morning

1961, Fourteen Stories

1962, A Bridge for Passing

1963, The Living Reed: A Novel of Korea

Welcome Child

1964,Children for Adoption

The Joy of Children

1965,Death in a Castle

1966,The Time is Noon

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

For Spacious Skies: Journey in Dialogue with Theodore F. Harris

People of Japan

Essay on Myself

1967, To My Daughters, with Love

The New Year

1969, The Three Daughters of Madame Liang

The Good Deed and Other Stories of Asia, Past and Present

1970, Mandala: A Novel of India

China As I See It

The Kennedy Women: A Personal Appraisal

1971, The Story Bible: Volume I The Old Testament

The Story Bible: Volume II The New Testament

1972, The Goddess Abides

China Past and Present

1973, All Under Heaven

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