April 2001 Web Edition


Pearl Buck — America's most influential 20th Century woman

Dorothy Sinson

Pearl Sydenstricker Buck (PSB) (1892-1973) was born in West Virginia and lived most of her first 42 years in China, as the daughter of Presbyterian missionaries and as the wife of an agricultural minister. Read this article.



Robert Cotner

"I remember when I was 10 years old," the actor said. He looked at the child sitting in the front row few feet below him and said directly to the child, " Is that how old you are?" Read this article.


Caxtonian visits Nobel Literature Chairman

Junie Sinson

On February 19, 2001, while in Stockholm, Sweden, I was granted an interview with Kjell Espmark, the Chairman of the Nobel Committee for Literature of the Swedish Academy. Read this article.


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