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In 1999 the Caxton Club reinvolved itself in exhibitions as part of a commitment to public outreach. The third such effort, "Disbound and Dispersed" is the first club-organized exhibition to travel outside of Chicago. We are grateful to all the institutions and staff members who made the show's national tour possible: at the Newberry Library, Chicago, we thank Charles T. Cullen, Paul F. Gehl, and Riva Feshbach; at the San Francisco Public Library, Catherine M. King, Susie Taylor, and the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library; at Harvard University's Houghton Library, William P. Stoneman; and at Indiana University's Lilly Library, Joel Silver.

We would like to thank the institutional representatives and private lenders who shared the riches of their collections so that we could undertake this examination of the leaf-book phenomenon and make it available to a wide audience. They are Larry Draper, Brigham Young University; William P. Stoneman, Houghton Library, Harvard University; Kay Michael Kramer; Joel Silver, Lilly Library, Indiana University; David C. Meyer; Russell Maylone, McCormick Library of Special Collections, Northwestern University; Susan M. Levy, R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company; Michael Thompson; and Alice D. Schreyer, Special Collections Research Center, the University of Chicago.

It is our privilege to acknowledge the support and guidance of the Caxton Club's Governing Council and President Michael Thompson; the efforts of the Development Committee and its chair, Eugene Hotchkiss III; and the members of Exhibitions Committee. Others who gave generously of their time and energy include Jane Carpenter, Martha Chiplis, Kathryn DeGraff and her assistant Morgen MacIntosh Hodgetts, Adele Hast, Celia Hilliard, Barbara Denemark Long, Robert E. McCamant, Barbara Lazarus Metz, Karen Skubish, and Robert Williams. Hayward R. Blake and his associate, John Lee, deserve particular thanks and applause for the catalog's elegant design.

We are deeply grateful to the R.R. Donnelley Foundation for its generous support of the Caxton Club and this project, as well as other member donors whose names are listed on page 151.

Finally, as 2005 marks the centennial of the publication of the club's leaf book, William Caxton, it is only fitting that we remember some of the collectors who purchased the volume one hundred years ago. They include Chicago civic leaders Edward E. Ayer, Clarence Buckingham, Charles Deering, Frederick Gookin, Charles L. Hutchinson, Robert Todd Lincoln, A. C. McClurg, Martin A. Ryerson, and Byron L. Smith; Bostonians Harry S. Rowe, Charles H. Taylor, Jr., and John P. Woodbury; New Yorkers Joseph M. Andreini, Edwin Coggeshall, Alexander W. Drake, Frederick R. Halsey, Howard Mansfield, Edwin W. Winter, and Herbert C. Wright; and Frank H. Ginn and Henry A. Sherwin of Cleveland; Samuel Bancroft of Wilmington, Delaware; William Beer of New Orleans; and Milton W. Smith of Portland, Oregon.



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