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The Caxton Club welcomes all enthusiastic bibliophiles: collectors, conservators, designers, binders, printers, librarians, editors, booksellers, publishers, and others interested in the book.

The Club meets for a reception, dinner and a guest speaker on the third Wednesday of the month from September through June. On the second Friday of the month from September through June, the Club meets for a buffet luncheon and program. Both meetings are held at the Union League Club, 65 West Jackson Boulevard in Chicago.

The Caxton Club offers Resident, Nonresident, and Junior categories of membership. Nonresident members are those living 50 miles or more from the city of Chicago. Those applying for Resident membership must attend two meetings in order to be considered for membership. Nonresident applicants need attend only one meeting.

To become a member, the applicant must:

      Have an interest in the book, including book collecting, the book arts, or literature
      Be at least 21 years of age
      Have attended two meetings for Resident membership or one meeting for Nonresident membership
      Be proposed by a Caxton member and seconded by another Caxton member
      Submit an application form that includes contact information and a short bio with book interests
      Have two letters, one from the proposer and one from the seconder, written on behalf of the prospective member and submitted to the Membership Co-Chairs:
     Susan Hanes <srh99@att.net>
     Jackie Vossler <jv.everydaydesign@rcn.com>

Annual membership dues are payable on a calendar year basis and are prorated for the initial year of membership. Dues and initiation fees are as follows:

  Dues Initiation fee
Resident $195 $125
Nonresident $85 $125
Junior $85 $62.50

Address inquiries to:
     The Caxton Club
     Membership Committee

     Susan Hanes <srh99@att.net>
     Jackie Vossler <jv.everydaydesign@rcn.com>
     Membership Co-Chairs