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An annual, year-end contribution, whether designated for one of the following projects or un-designated, will be greatly appreciated.
-The Development Committee, Fall 2001

The annual solicitation of The Caxton Club members is undertaken to enhance the Club's programs. Its success also allows the Club to hold annual dues at a reasonable level. The support by members of the Club is critical and, it should be noted, is also tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Contributors may, if they wish, designate their gifts for any of the following projects; gifts not designated will be used to meet the annual budget:

Funds for exhibitions, one of the core programs of the Club, are never adequate and yet always necessary. Gifts designated for these projects will help fund illustrated catalogues for the Club's exhibitions.
Estimated budget: $30,000

The Caxtonian
The publication costs of the Caxtonian are not insignificant and gifts designated for the journal will help to assure its continued quality.
Estimated annual budget: $17,000

In March of 2011, the Caxton Club will publish Other People’s Books: Association Copies and the Stories They Tell. The book will feature essays on fifty-two association copies and introduction by Thomas Tanselle. Recent Caxton publications have included Disbound and Dispersed: The Leaf Book Considered(2005) and The Chicago Diaries of John M. Wing, 1865-1866.
Estimated budget: $48,000

Scholarship Program
Starting in 2002 the Caxton Club has awarded fellowships (generally two per year) to graduate students in the Chicago area for expenses of up to $2,500 (each) for book-related projects to be completed during academic year. The Fellowships are a way for the Caxton Club to influence and support the book arts and book scholarship in Chicago. They are an investment in the Club's future, and a very important and successful outreach program for the Club.
Estimated annual budget: $5,000